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Break Black Magic Quranic Amal and Love Relationship Problems

Break Black Magic Quranic Amal and Love Relationship Problems

Break Black Magic Quranic Amal, The word “magic” has evolved from the Greek word magea. When the word magic is used, we generally think street magic or about the magic shows which are shown in circus. But the history of magic is very enchanting to know. During ancient periods, Greeks and Persians were the first to practice magic amongst them. Also the first book which gave information about magic and magical tricks was published in 1854. But there was a gradual development in this field of magic in the 17th and 18th century. Street magic or the magic shows in fair were simply illusion of our eyes. In India magic had its influence in the 18th century.

Everyone knows the name of famous Indian magician P.C.Sorcar who is well known as the father of modern Indian magic. India has also produced many spectacular magicians belonging from West Bengal, Karnataka, Kerela etc. As time passed by, practice for magic also increased and due to our human nature the types of magic also started from day to day. Apart from the normal types of magic, there are five different types of magic which are very dangerous in nature. The five dangerous types of magic are as follows:

Ceremonial Magic( depends on book learning, complicated rituals etc)

Folk Magic-Low magic (it is related to driving away evil forces, finding lost persons etc)


Left and Right hand Magic.

Black and white magic.

We very well know the fact that if powers are used for someone’s good it always gives us good results similarly if powers are used for hurting or destroying someone’s life it my give such results which were never ever expected. The word magic has also been mentioned in our holy Quran for sixty times. In India we come across many places which are very well known for its black magic. The name of one such place is Mayong situated in Assam and is also known as the black magic capital of India. But again we know that whatever negative forces come to our earth, it has to face the positive forces one day or the other. The people who do black magic upon their relatives, friends, enemies etc they all forget that there is no one in this universe who is bigger and powerful that our Almighty.

When a person falls prey to black magic, he shows many symptoms and the people around him get a hint that something is not at all right. As soon as we realize it we must immediately take the next step by visiting a Maulavi or the Pir baba’s. There are as many as nine amal’s mentioned in the Holy Quran, with the help of these amal we can break black magic and can get rid of it. Amal/ Dua is the most prolific method used by the pir baba’s. Amal/Dua helps to get rid of black magic in a very easy way and also without hurting the victim a lot. When a person falls prey to black magic, there can be many drastic changes in the victim’s behavior, he or she may behave abnormally may create problems for the remaining members of the family.

The person who is effected himself does not know what he is doing or what he is going through. The most important fact before starting any amal or dua is that we must wholely and solely belief in our “Allah” and the paths shown to us by him. An amal can be started at any suitable time. But first and foremost we must be free from any kind of jealousy in order to perform these amal/dua. It is also to be remembered that before performing we must be very discipline and should possess spiritual strength within ourself. A Wudhu is also made and before starting the rituals, one should do hisar before starting the amal for protection. It is to be remembered that the evil forces will always try to disturb us or distract us from our paths. We simply have to keep faith in our ALLAH as no one is as or more powerful than Him.

Magic is a very ancient human practice. But in Islams magic is done with the help of demons to perform something harmful against somebody. According to Islamic belief, they don’t even belief in Palmistry as they don’t believe that no one can predict the future. Again, the Almighty is described in the Holy Quran as the knower of the hidden and the obvious as the holder of the keys of the unseen. Holy Quran is a mythological book and gives us answers to the questions which we have in our mind.

Break Black Magic Quranic Amal and Love Relationship Problems


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