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Prevent Marriage Sihr

Prevent Marriage Sihr

Sihr, an Arabic word for magic or witchcraft. In simple words it means secret or hidden. The practitioner of shir deals with the thing in secret that allow them to perform illusion and nobody can even imagine or think what is happening and why it is happening.The last part of the night is known as sahar as in this part of night people are unaware and they have hardly any movement in their body. Lungs are also known to be sahr as they are hidden inside our body.Different people use sihr to fulfil their secret desires. Below is a sihr that can be used to prevent the marriage of someone.

On possession of these things the medium will compute the sihr and ask jinh or other event that can be used like strong stress or resentment. Now jinh has two options either to enter the body of the girl or if not able to enter in her body then take her body under his control and let her behave in a way that will not allow her to get married. The influence of the sihr is so powerful that no one can diagnose the reason for lady’s such behavior and no one can force her to get married.

Sihr can be used to separate husband and wife or we can say it can destroy their relationship. The symptoms of sihr of separation are a sudden change in the attitude of husband and wife the love in the relationship has started turning into hatred. Exaggeration of the trivial dispute and making the situation out of control. Change in the way they are looking at each other, no matter how beautifully they are dressed up but for their partner they appear to be the ugliest. This is just because of the influence of the demon or evil who has been assigned the task of doing such sihr. The influence of sihr is such that the affected person hates anything done by their partner. Not only they hate their partner but they even hat the place their partner is present. The cause of separation by sihr is usually because the partners appear to be ugly and ill-mannered to each other.

Prevent Marriage Sihr


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