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Wazifa To Destroy Enemy Immediately

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy Immediately

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy Immediately or to kill enemy in three days can be use to make enemy suffer. We will provide you dua to get rid of enemy in one night. In present days everyone has enemies. Even if you are a very honest and good person, then also having an enemy is common. It’s impossible to maintain a friendship with everyone. You can’t please everyone. Many are out there who are jealous of your success. If there is no reason for enmity with you, they will start having a problem with your life’s peace.

Every enemy follows a different level of jealousy. And these minor feelings of jealousy can in no time turn into a disaster for you. With the wazifa to kill the enemy in three days, you can be at your pace. Through this, Allah will permanently eliminate him from your life. But sometimes waiting for three days can also be too long. It can be a life threat for you. If you don’t finish him immediately, then maybe you can face severe consequences. The dua to get rid of the enemy in one night gives you a blissful life without anyone’s interference. There will make no kind of life threat for you in this way.

There is also a way through which your enemy will not leave the earth permanently. But will face the dire consequences of affecting you. It can be achieved with the assistance of the wazifa to make the enemy suffer. All three duas helps you take your share of revenge from your enemy. No one will ever have the courage to challenge you in the future. You will get an Islamic shield with this wazifa. And we will go through each kind one by one.

Wazifa To Kill Enemy In Three Days

Wazifa To Kill Enemy In Three Days, Though the wazifa may sound bad, sometimes taking revenge is the only path left for us. Either you have to give priority to yourself or saving the lives of your enemies. You will choose yourself, right! There is nothing wrong with it. With the wazifa to kill the enemy in three days, Allah Tallah destroys all enemies who come in your way as obstacles.

The steps to perform the wazifa includes-

Take a bath and then wear clean cotton or woolen clothes.

Spread some flowery fragrance in the room.

Sit in a Namaaz posture on the daily mat.

Start doing the wazifa to kill the enemy in three days after your night, Isha namaaz.

Recite Durood e surah about two hundred times.

Then recite the verse fi ‘Adam alrib about thirty times.

Followed by that narrate Rabi quail eaduiyuin for seventy times. Don’t miss a single time.

Perform this wazifa to kill the enemy in three days consistently for ten days.

It is important for you while performing this dua think about his end and continually pray for that. Don’t worry. Allah hears you. He will help you to finish your enemy. He will give you a stress-free life through this. When doing this, wazifa always be careful about the correct pronunciation. It is important because it is the way through which you are raising your concern to him. He can only help you if you reach him in the correct process. So do the wazifa with as much dedication as possible. And have patience.

Wazifa To Destroy Enemy Immediately


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