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Wazifa To Break Engagement

Wazifa To Break Engagement

Wazifa To Break Engagement or for breaking unwanted engagement can be solve your problems like how to break engagement by black magic? We will also here to answer your question about how to break engagement with someone you love? Muslim astrology gives you assistance to win your love and live a peaceful life. There are many wazifa, dua, ishtikhara, ayat and surah present in the holy Quran and other holy books that resolve your love problems.

Also, it gives you the right direction to secure your love forever. Without a doubt, you can trust Muslim astrology and apply Islamic wazifa to break the engagement, if you are not happy with it. There could be two situations for anyone to attempt to break an engagement:

Either, you are unhappy with the one you are getting engaged to

Or, you don’t know any other two people to get engaged

You can use Islamic remedies to control both the situations. Importantly, if you are not happy to get engaged to someone, you can perform a few required rituals and create a situation where the engagement will be called off. At the same time, you can break an engagement between two persons who you do not want to see engaged. The later is mostly done for lovers and to save a love relationship.

Wazifa For Breaking Unwanted Engagement, An unwanted relationship is like living inside a cage where you cannot even thrive well. This is an imposed relationship on you that cannot bring out dedication from you. You would like to escape from the relationship since you never wanted to be in that relationship. Engagement and marriage are essential things in our lives, and we should take it very seriously.

We shouldn’t be in a hurry and enter in an unwanted relationship. You can always talk to your parents and let them know about your disagreement before it is too late. Apart from that, you can use Islamic ways to break the engagement and live a free life.

Complete offering your every day Namaz first

Wake up in the middle of the night and take a shower

Wear clean clothes

This procedure is done at midnight since it is a secret procedure

Also, the powers of midnight gives you the strength to break an engagement

Do Tahajjudnamaz and Surah Ikhlas first

Recite the verses with concentration and faith

Pray to Allah to help you in your mission

Perform this for seven nights

The engagement will break organically, and no one will blame you for that. You will have to sit back and watch from a distance. It will all happen on its own, and a situation will arise where you will see the results. The engagement will be called off by the other party, and you can choose as per your desire.

Wazifa To Break Engagement


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